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Mystic Song, where heart and soul meet, guided by the present.

photo by Julie Weber

Mystic Song is an exchange in this Now moment of songs from our ancestors dedicated back to the ancestors. It is world music from beyond this world that draws on the flavors of tradition from around the globe. These melodies are sung by Lynn Miller in a mystic language more powerful than words the language of the creative spirit.

  Mystic Song CD

Remembering the Unknown
I dedicate this music to my ancestors, who have given me all my gifts. The Creator breathed life into the universe. Through breath, we connect with the Creator, our ancestors, all that came before us and everything in front of us. The breath brings us to the present moment, the Now. Everything is possible when we are in the Now.

“It is my belief that all of us carry these ancient voices and languages inside. They are encoded in our cells. The ancestors are interested in us getting the message. We simply can’t always hear them. All cultures make the same sounds as babies. Once we learn to talk, we forget this elemental common language. Most of us have forgotten that we ever knew. In my workshops, I have witnessed many people tapping into the unknown and sounding their spirit voice. It is my intention to stimulate these early voices within you.”

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